Sunday, March 29, 2015

Peeps vs. Space Marines - Warhammer 40K

Hi everyone,

We were shopping recently and saw the aisle of Easter candy - and had the idea that it would be pretty funny to have a battle of Peeps against one of our Warhammer 40K armies.  We figured, the Space Marines would be best.

So, we bought a bunch of Peeps.  Then, we had to search for a Warlord for the Peeps (there wasn't anything like a really huge Peep that we could find at the store - though we did see some big ones for sale on-line).  So, we decided to use a big chocolate bunny for the Warlord.

Then, all we needed were some kind of vehicles (or Peep-pods) for the Peeps.  And, way up high on a shelf at the store we found the biggest plastic Easter eggs we had ever seen.  Perfect!

peep war; peeps vs space marines; peeps 40k; peep pods
Construction of our Peep-Pods is completed!

We had to construct some bases - which we made from plastic cups - with plastic Easter egg grass hot-glued on.

The Battle:


The Space Marines were deployed on planet Omega-500 (which they had recently captured from the Ork Xenos).  [We will write another blog posting with further backstory explaining that Omega 500 is the planet where the Orkies originated from spores.] 

Ultramarines and Blood Angels had been stationed -- along with built-up fortifications -- to ensure that Omega-500 was held for the Emperor against any alien counter-attack.

Suddenly the routine of security watch was broken by com-link messages from the orbiting defense platform.  "Incoming Xeno drop ships.  Unable to classify identity.  Confirmed to 99.5% confidence, not Ork or other known Xeno species.  Captain Sicarius you will conduct recon, characterize the unknown crafts and defend the planet at all costs."

Turn 1:

After the strange landing craft came gently to rest on the planet surface, the Space Marines waited - and readied their weapons.

peeps vs space marines; peep landing; peep deployment; peep 40k; peep battle
The Peeps have Landed!

Suddenly, strange Xenos life-forms emerged, in close military formation.

"We must repel these strange creatures!  Set targeting at the largest group to the left.  Fire the main cannon!" commanded the Captain.

Under command of computer guidance, the massive gun turned, locked onto the target, and fired!

Two of the green aliens - who were taking position to guard their huge alien leader were burned in the blast from the cannon.  "By the Emperor, those Xenos can certainly absorb damage, Captain!" replied main gunner after assessing his shot.

"Hover craft - recon!  Close the enemy and report best method for destruction."

"Closing, Captain.  Recommend supporting fire from the Scout squad in the Bastion.  Their sniper rifles may be able to push these creatures back."

"Captain - other than our Icarus Lascannon, our shots are simply passing straight through the Xenos!"  Recommend all units use weapons which are high strength."

"Orbiting image analysis completed.  All units must use caution in close-approach of the life-forms.  Clear evidence of Ork Xenos embedded in one of the creatures.  Analysis indicates units with full Terminator power armor best suited for close combat."

"Land speeder to main cannon - fire on these coordinates!"  "Fire!"

"A clear hit, sir!  This time the Warlord has taken damage.  He seems to still be fully functional though.  Just some to damage to what looks like his upper antennae structure."
"Sir, firing my multi-melta!"

"Massive effect, Captain!  He's roasted!  These creatures do not stand up well to heat!"
"Stormraven Gunship landed, sir.  Deploying Ironclad Dreadnought and Assault Terminators."
"We made quick work of them, sir.  By the Emperor, they seems to be made of fluff -- either that or marshmallow."
"Uh, sir - one second.  They seem to be reanimating some kind of zombie with their psychic powers.  Perhaps these creatures are Necrons!"
"Dreadnought unit - engage with flamer!"
"Target destroyed, sir.  That fluff zombie is now totally melted." 
 "All units - just wiped out a whole squad of them with my grav-gun.  Seems to cause them to expand and then melt into a pile."
"All untis - Captain Sicarius.  We have significantly reduced their number.  The Xenos are now in full retreat.  Continue to press the advantage.  We will win the day!"
"Sir, they have re-entered their craft.  The main drop ship is lifting off!"
"Concentrate all fire-power on the Warlord's craft!  We must bring it down!"
"Sir, we have grounded it!"
"All units - provide post operation intel reports.  Techmarine - analysis on the strange egg shaped drop-pods which have just appeared to our rear...."
"Origin of the Xeno egg structures is unknown, Captain.  However, analysis does indicate that they are safely edible - even for civilians lacking Space Marine enhancements -- though I do caution that a consistent diet of these creatures would not be in good standing with the Emperor's health guidelines."
  • The microwave worked well to simulate multi-melta, plasma weapon and grav-gun attacks.  In case you've never tried to microwave a marshmallow - please take our word for it that you have to be very careful to keep the timing short.  Too long and you can make quite a mess as the marshmallows expand!  We weren't 100% sure Peeps would act just like marshmallows - but sure enough they do.  (Makes sense, given what they're made of.)
  • We used the stove to burn the tops of some Peeps after attacks from incendiary weapons.  Had to be very careful while doing this.  Recommend only doing this over the sink.  We were also careful that this was only done by the adult (of the two of us).
  • We had the idea to drill holes through Peeps to show how weapons were going right though.  That was not easy to do.  If we were to try this again, we might freeze the Peeps and then try drilling holes. 
  • Making the zombie Peep was fun - and really messy.  We put plastic-wrap under the zombie Peep so that we wouldn't get Peep goo all over our battle mat.
  • We had the idea (originally) to have Peeps attack the Space Marines - and suck them inside their marshmallow bodies.  But, after we worked with the Peeps a bit, we figured out how messy they were - and so we just stuck some Ork feet out of one. 
 Peep Codex:
 We couldn't find a 7th Edition Peep Codex - so we had to wing it.

We figured that Peeps had 5 HP.  The purple Peeps are psychic - had the ability to reanimate dead Peeps into Zombie Peeps.

Overall thinking on Peeps.  Can take lots of wounds, but very slow moving and very easy to hit.

In the first battle (this one), no close-combat weapons for Peeps.  Maybe we'll do Peep guns next time :)



  1. Haha this was a great read and quite funny :)

  2. Ah, this is great! Thanks for posting. I'm looking forward to a Peeps retaliation. They may be slow, but at least they're always gluten and fat free and that must count for something. ;)

  3. awesome. just fantastic.
    hangin with your peeps is always fun.

  4. Hi everyone, we sent an e-mail to the manufacturers of Peeps (Just Born Quality Confections) -- we were wondering a) if they would like to put photos of our battle onto their Peeps creations Facebook page; and b) if they knew whether freezing Peeps would make things like precision cutting easier [we want to make a Peep which is one color on the bottom and another on the top].

    Ms. S was very nice in her e-mail. She does think that freezing might help. And, she invited us to send photos of how that works out.

  5. Haha Peeps finally a cheep xenos solution and you can eat the casualties yeah! just this once every body wins!